Hybrid American Chestnut Seedlings

There are four main types of edible, sweet chestnuts. They include:Hybrid Dunstan chestnut seedlings provide wildlife and humans with a valuable, sustainable food source

  • American (Castanea denata - mostly wiped out during early 20th century);
  • European (Castanea sativa);
  • Japanese (Castanea crenata); and
  • Chinese (Castanea mollisima).

All four varieties cross-pollinate readily. In fact, we recommend planting at least two-four different varieties of chestnut trees for the best pollination rates.

Early summer breezes and insects carry chestnut pollen to female squids on other chestnut trees, typically within 100 feet. Chestnut trees have both male and female flowers.

Dunstan hybrid chestnuts are American varieties that perform well in the southern states. They have exhibited resistance to chestnut blight; however, this does not mean they are completely resistant. Some chestnut trees may develop blight in their early years, while others may be afflicted later in life due to environmental stressors. Dunstan hybrids have repeatedly demonstrated strong resistance to chestnut blight. They are also great tasting.

Hybrid Dunstan chestnut seedlings are an economical way to attract and feed wildlife or to grow chestnuts to roast at home. If your neighborhood has marauding deer or elk, we recommend using a 5 foot grow tube. TreePro and Plantra both sell these chestnut protecting products.

Grow tubes protect your seedling investment from deer, elk and moose. Further benefits include:

  • Wind and sun protection (miniature greenhouse effect);
  • Rabbit and vole protection;
  • Self-pruning growth until seedling escapes the tube.

Seedling Source for Castanea denata

Idaho Panhandle Chestnuts acquires our American Chestnuts from an experienced chestnut seedling provider.

We recommend these American chestnut seedlings for enthusiasts living in the southern or middle tier states. These are quality Dunstan hybrid seedlings suitable for fresh eating or for attracting wildlife.

For best results, provide chestnuts with another pollinator. Plant a minimum of three chestnut seedlings within 100 feet of each other. For more information, contact us using the adjacent form.


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